Sarpino’s Canada is a delivery and take-out franchise system specializing in pizza and pasta. There are more than 135 Sarpino’s Pizzeria locations in the world. Although this restaurant chain was established by Gerry Koutougos in 2001 in Victoria, BC, most of the locations are outside of Canada.

Mr. Koutougos first founded Canadian 2-for-1 Pizza in 1988. This proved to be a remarkable success with the opening of 98 outlets in just 9 years of operation. From 1998 to 2000, Mr. Koutougos established a new franchise chain for subs and wraps under the name of Zesto’s before launching Sarpino’s Pizzeria in 2001. Since then Sarpino’s International Inc. has established over 135 franchise outlets in Canada, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Poland, Australia and the UAE.

Sarpino’s Canada is aiming to become Canada’s best delivery and take-out restaurant chain serving premium pizza and pasta to value-conscious Canadians.

We are offering the following terms to new franchisees on Vancouver Island in 2019: 1) There will be no royalty fees for the first year of operations. 2) There will be no advertising fees for the first year of operations. 3) There will be no initial restaurant training fees.

Sarpino’s origins are from the heart of Calabria, Italy. Our founder, Gerry Koutogos, took the simple Italian recipes made with the freshest of herbs, spices, and ingredients and created what we love about Sarpino’s today. With our unique way of making pizza, we fully embrace the wonderful opportunities for our brand across Canada.

We have intensely detailed, time-tested systems that, if followed to the last detail, may help you achieve success. We don’t leave anything to chance. We also have superior ingredients and great products we put up against any of the competition. Our performance improvement tools and a corporate staff dedicated to helping franchisees succeed are available at all time. More and more people are choosing Sarpino’s Canada to achieve the income, lifestyle, equity, and wealth they’re dreaming of.

Approval Process:

Week 1: Submission of Application Form

Week 2: Interview and Assessment

Week 3: Discovery Day

Week 6: Submit Business Plan

Week 8: Franchise Approval & Signing

Weeks 9-11: In-Store Training

Store Development Process:

1. Find a location

2. Submit site application form

3. Site visit and approval

4. Negotiate and sign lease terms

5. Submit plans to design and construction

6. Plans approved by Sarpino’s Canada

7. Order equipment and supplies

8. Commence construction

9. Critical path review with construction team

10. Hire and train opening

11. Grand Opening

Sarpino’s Canada will work with you to help select your site, stay with you during the critical path process to opening, and ensure you and your team are well trained to be able to operate the restaurant successfully

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​Sarpino’s Canada

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